The Montessori method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy’s first woman doctor.  Her teaching methods have had such longevity in the early childhood education arena that they are still used worldwide.  

Typically children stay in the classroom from the age of 2 through the age 5. These three years spent in the same classroom with the same teachers creates a strong bond between the children and teachers. 


The children grow up together much like a family unit. The younger children look up to the older kids as they learn to navigate their way in the classroom and often times older children and younger ones are grouped together so that the older children can give the lesson.  In turn the older children learn to love, nurture and guide their younger friends.


Our experience shows that most of the children who attend Montessori schools and transition to the public school system for kindergarten make this transition quite smoothly and in most instances are ahead of their peers in language, math and social skills.  



 Programs and Curriculum

Our Montessori classroom is divided into the following areas:

Practical Life - The child engages in activities that include care of self and care of the environment.  The child's work with these materials helps strengthen small motor skills and helps build concentration needed in the academic areas.  Typically children between two and three enjoy these activities but it is not unusual to see four year olds washing a table from time to time!

Sensorial - These materials expose the child to the world around them.  Children work with materials that engage their 5 senses in the most tactile way possible.


Language - Writing and reading are explored using a phonetic program of individual sounds in language.  Materials, such as sandpaper letters and moveable alphabet, help connect the child with writing and reading.


Mathematics - Activities include number rods, golden beads, and number chains.


Geography (and land and water forms)We do this in a hands on and interesting way most conducive to the learning of young children.  Montessori believed that children should be taught about the world they live in, specifically the earth continents and oceans.  Cultural studies also become a large part of the curriculum.

*We also offer a Beanstalk mom's support group that meets on a bi monthly basis to talk about the challenges and joys of being a mom. It is currently open to all moms of Beanstalk students.

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