Here are several differences that set a Montessori education apart:


  • Multi-age grouping

    • Children are not separated by age and learn in one classroom.  This allows older children to mentor younger ones. In turn the teachers become facilitators as the children teach themselves through the materials.

  • Flexibility

    • Teachers observe each child and curtail lessons to suit each child's individual learning style. "Follow the child" is the Montessori motto as well as the Beanstalk motto.

  • Repetition

    • To reinforce learning, repetition is key at this age as children feel success from within and they practice to perfect each lesson given.

  • Encouragement

    • Children are encouraged to be kind, nurturing friends.  This is done by practicing "grace and courtesy" on a daily basis.

  • Children set the pace of learning

    • If they show interest and readiness in a lesson, teachers will follow their lead.

    • Self-correcting materials: Children are given the time to explore with the materials until they can come up with their own solutions.  Most materials are multi-sensory and appeal to children's tactile senses.

  • Emphasis on cognitive structure and social development 

    • Children will be children but the Montessori environment challenges their cognitive development.

The Montessori Difference

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