Why Beanstalk?

There are lots of Montessori Schools out there.  There are also lots of daycares to choose from.  But there is no daycare with a Montessori pre-school program.  One that is not only nurturing but one that is stimulating and engaging children as they go through these very important years.   We pride ourselves with a quality program with an impeccable reputation.


We have been lucky enough to be in Bethesda for the past eight years when we started our Mommy and me program.  We filled a niche in the market for moms who had stayed home from lucrative careers to take care of their children and wanted be involved in their development. 


After so many years of hearing “if you had a preschool program we would be here tomorrow!” we decided to change course and cater to those families whose stay at home moms were now returning to the work force.  Now we are able to provide the same quality with experienced and trained teachers in a larger, newly renovated, beautiful space with access to an outside playground.


Our mission is to provide the best possible care for your child while you are working.  You can rest assured that our Director and staff will nurture and educate your child in the calm and serene surroundings.  There will be care given to the whole child both physically with nutritious snacks and developmentally with our adherence to the Montessori curriculum.


We are Licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education as well as part of NAMTA (the North American Montessori Teachers Association).

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